Im going to replace my transmission on a 2003 crown victoria (police interceptor) is there anything i should be worried about?

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presuming that you are having a shop do the work – make sure there is a written warranty / you may want a mechanic to do an inspection of the engine also, because it does no good to have a working trans, when the engine needs to be rebuilt as well / shop around for the best price WITH the best warranty / don't get a used trans !!! no way to know what the history of it is, and it may last for many years or a few days
No im going to do it . But i was just worried if i have to do anything special to the computer of the transmission or if there is a special step.
Or is it like an alternator where you just swap the part an "viola" ??
Master Of Puppets:
The only thing you should be worried about is the cost of replacing it. Transmissions are usually very expensive to repair/replace.
You should be worried that you're spending $6,000 to fix a $2,000 car.
like do you know how to do it, have the tools to do it, and get the correct year if buying from a junkyard
No, it's pretty easy.
The Bill.

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