In a two engine plane, what happens if both engines fail? Does the plane crash?

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George: Nope, it turns into a glider 🙂 An airplane doesn't fall out of the sky if the engines quit, IF the pilot is doing his/her job. It will still fly just fine if the pilot puts the nose down to maintain adequate flying speed. However, unlike a real glider that can take advantage of rising air to stay aloft, an airplane without power cannot maintain altitude. The pilot of an airplane that lost its engines needs to quickly plan for an off-field landing in the best possible spot. Sometimes that's awful hard to do, e.g., in congested city locations.

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Complete engines (two engines) failure does not stop the wings from providing "lift" –
The airplane will not crash, but will glide –
Hopefully the pilots find a suitable place to land the airplane without a crash –

Typical airline jets such as A320 or B737 glide very well without engine power –
If they are at 10,000 m of altitude when both engines quit, they can glide a distance of 160 km or so –

Best example, this happened to Air Transat 236 when flying over the ocean –
Both engines quit since all their fuel had leaked out –
They glided some 130 km to make an emergency landing at Lajes, in the Azores –…

A plane will continue to glide in the event of an engine failure. The pilot will set up a glide slope and find a suitable place for landing
Doug Freyburger:
The plane glides towards the ground. If the pilot can find a safe location to land that's not a crash.
Vincent G:
The plane glides. Like that 767 in Gimli, and that A320 in the Hudson.
No. But if both wings fail, it does crash.
It will come down, but is unlikely to crash unless it is in the mountains .
Becomes a larger glider…..
Normal Guy:

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