In my personal injury claim, I noticed my fathers name was on my paper where I sign off to get my check. He was title owner/I insured car.?

Other answer:

I think you maybe confused. Since your father owned the vehicle, that I am "guessing" you was either driving or a passenger in the vehicle in an accident, that the insurance pays the OWNER of the vehicle for the vehicle damages.

Now, if injured, and if over 18, and (if) in the state where you live, allows you a personal injury settlement for your injuries, then (that) check when you settle will be payable to YOU.

Now, if you are under 18, then (if) you have an injury settlement, then it would be paid to your father (guardian) and to you in a 2 party settlement since you are a minor.

Now, this is also "contingent" that you are not at fault in this accident.

Kt Skycat:
You bought insurance against yourself regardless of what car you were driving. Your personal injury claim in your own name should be honored if the insurance is in your name.
Obi Wan Knievel:
That's really interesting, but not really. You still forgot to ask a question.

Unless that was your question, in which case the answer is yes. Yes you did notice your fathers name on paper.

It make sense that his name would be somewhere on the paper if he owned the car. What exactly is your question?
Yeah? Okay, so what are you asking?

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