In radio telegraph, is Morse Code also used? (And I mean the 'dot and dash system'.)?

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Tempting Apple: In 'listening' terms, Morse was 'officially' discontinued in December 1997:

"Four monitoring stations around the British Isles are to stop listening for Morse Code signals, following similar moves by German, French and American maritime monitors." ¹

Others around the globe have since followed suite.

(And … 'Radio' is radio. 'Telegraph' is telegraph.

The one uses the electro-magnetic spectrum; the other uses wires.)

But anyone can still learn how the letters and numbers are universally encrypted – and so, send and receive messages by whatever means desired. Even by flashing a torch.



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Tempting Apple:
Yep. International Morse is the only code in general use for radio telegraph. Wired telegraphs used "American Morse" (also called "landline.") International Morse produces dots and dashes; American Morse produces a series of clicks.
Morse code is used mainly in HF frequencies these days.
Others around the globe have since followed suite.