In USA, are most cars manual or automatic?

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MaX: Most are now automatic. In fact many large trucks (including tractor trailers) now are equipped with automatic transmissions.

Many car and SUV models do not even offer a manual transmission option

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Automatics and by a large majority. Except for sports cars, entry level cars and pick-up trucks, very few vehicles even come with an available manual transmission simply because the demand for them is very small.
Skipper 747:
I would estimate 90% are automatic –
Some models are no longer available with manual transmissions –
Today, more than 96 percent of vehicles on American roads have automatic transmissions and just 3.9 percent of cars sold in U.S. were built with manual.
depends on what you want,you want a manual you order a manual.same with a automatic,sedans come with a automatic,trucks can be either cars manual or automatic
Most are automatic. However a manual can easily be obtained. They're still common.
I would say the majority are automatic but there are plenty of purists that prefer manual, especially since that is how the first cars were.
Automatic so buy a manual less people can steal it
Automatic. Manual transmission is obsolete
Steve S:
Ill go out on a limb and guess Automatic