Indian railway drivers?

Don't they get bored travelling same route regularly?????

Best Answer:

Venvil: It depends ,
1) Actually there a Duty Rooster , as per that there duty is scheduled in which different trains they and different tracks they are driving,
2) those driver who drive on same route like passenger train, etc have less duration of Travel maximum to 200 to 300 Km runs,
3) they will get extra allowance for Running Hours ,

as per me Only Goods Train Driver Get Bored , because most of the times it has to stops to give clear route to Express Trains ,

You Know About Guard of the Train, He Get Bored 100% if he belongs to Goods Train,

there is category of Each Loco Pilot,
1) some are Shunting driver only whose job is to put train on Right Platform and hand over the train to driver who takes onward journey ,
2) Diesel Loco pilot
3) Electric engine Loco pilot,
4) goods train LP
5) Passenger train LP
6) Rajdhani/Shatabdi LP
7) Express /super fast train LP,

there duty is not to Enjoy the Route ,there responsibility is to take care of Safety of passenger and Train ,

Other answer:

I can't speak for Indian train drivers from personal experience, but as far as I am aware the selection procedures are designed to weed out applicants who are liable to get bored and lose concentration, just like in other civilised countries. I drove trains on one of the busiest suburban and main line systems in the UK for twenty years: I never got bored (tired maybe, from time to time!). Every day was different, even when going over the same old routes – different weather, the change of the seasons, sometimes in the day, sometimes at night, and so on.

In fact, on the Indian railways – with miles of un-fenced track, passengers hanging along the side of the carriages and on the roof on some lines – I am sure that the drivers have quite enough to keep them from getting bored!

Just like a NYC MTA bus operator might get tired of doing the same route(s) everyday.