Insurance company claims?

I've made a claim on someone's insurance because they hit me with their car, the insurance company said it's not their fault so there not paying, does this usually happen?? I'm taking it further

Best Answer:

aaron: It happens often. You can either use your own collision insurance or sue the guy on your own. If/when you use your own insurance, they will pay to repair your car but…MUCH more important, they and their many free to you lawyers will "go after" the other guy on your/their behalf for reimbursement including suing him. If you don't have collision coverage, you are strictly on your own.

Other answer:

Contact your own insurance company. They will fight with the other insurance company.
If the insurance company is denying the claim, then they have proof that it wasn't the other driver's fault.
If you didn't file a police report at the time of the accident then you will have an uphill battle trying to get them to pay. No police report = no blame.
fairly smart:
Who got a ticket? that usually determines who is guilty.
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