Ionized Heated Nitrogen Saves Time and Money on Production Spray Painting

A unique breakthrough in spray painting technology utilizes ionized heated nitrogen as the fluid carrier instead of compressed air. The patented system results in time and money savings in several critical areas. The first savings in time is realized because the drying time between coat applications is drastically reduced. Layers can be added back to back for a fifty percent difference in total time needed for one product to be completed.

The reduction in over-spraying and rebounding paint lessens the clean up time between projects. Setting up the sprayer also takes less time because paint thinners are not always required. Heated paint is thinner than paint delivered via compressed air. The minimum overall productivity increase is a guaranteed twenty percent. Some industries have experienced a higher increase based on the materials used and the type of surface painted.

Heated paint can be applied at a lower pressure point, reducing the usage of paint. Extra materials are not needed to compensate for the over-spraying and rebounding that occurs at higher pressures. The need for paint thinners is lower, and less gas is needed to bake between applications. That saves businesses significant money on materials and supplies. Lower emissions from the generator translate into less money spent on providing a clean environment.

Zero static electricity is created using the Nitrotherm generator so dust, dirt, and particles are less likely to attach to the paint. The systems used to control the temperature and humidity of spray booths, or production line areas do not have to operate at maximum strength to combat the effects of static electricity. That saves money on utility costs. A full return on the investment of the new system is realized in a matter of months, rather than years.

The system is available in several models to accommodate one spray painting booth, several booths, or an entire production line set up. It is easily installed by connecting the generator to the air and electric supply. The result is a high-quality finish regardless of the type of paint used. The system is compatible with existing manual spray gun nozzles, as well as robotic spraying equipment. Business owners interested in saving time and money on production spray painting will receive detailed information at and can also arrange for a generator demonstration.