Is a lease take over a bad idea (car)?

Other answer:

See if you can take over a lease on a Yugotroll.

I mean in 6-7 years when you could possibly qualify.

You would pay the lease costs until the end of lease.
You would pay for any damage to the vehicle, ANY DAMAGE at the end of the lease.
You would pay for any excess miles at the end of the lease.
You would be responsible for the FULL COST of the car should it be totalled
At the end of the lease after paying ALL extra costs you hand the car back and walk away with nothing.

All the above is theoretical as the original lease contract does not allow sub leasing.

Now consider all the above and come to your own decision.

Skoda John:
Absolutely a bad idea.
Have local educated adults explain why only uninformed uneducated clueless kids do that