Is Ferrari ever going to have affordable cars or is its strategy always going to be luxury cars?

Would have been nice to have sources backing your claims.

Other answer:

most of ferraris money comes from their image. people recognize them as a successful luxury sports car manufacturer and Formula 1 team. making affordable cars would only make them look less premium.
it would not be as profitable for ferrari to make affordable cars due to the loss of image which makes them money through clothes, accessories and other things like their theme park.

Ferrari worries so much about their image that they often times end up treating customers poorly because the customers actions are not in line with the way Ferrari wants them to behave.
a great example of this was recording artist's Joel Zimmerman (Deadmau5) Ferrari 458 Italia. it was covered in a vinyl wrap with a cartoon design of Nyan cat. he called his car the Purrari. Ferrari did not like this and they made him stop.

Skoda John:
Ferrari is the upmarket sports cars of Fiat.
They will not make cheap cars in the forseable future. They even sold the Dino under the Fiat name.
Fiat make lots of affordable cars. Think Fiat 500.
Affordability is just not in Ferrari's DNA. They do not make compromises to save money. They make fast exotic cars, period.
No money to be made downmarket anymore. And a budget Ferrari does nothing for the company's image. (Look what crapmobiles like the CLA have done to Mercedes-Benz.) "Affordable," of course, is in the wallet of the beholder; the average Y!A user, however, is pretty much stuck in a two-generation-old Corolla.
Ferrari has successfully been making desirable cars for almost 80 years. Why would they change?
Old Man Dirt:
The name Ferrari is not meant to be affordable! If it was then they would be called Fords.
Ferrari has ALWAYS made high-performance sports cars. They have NEVER built "luxury" cars.
FIAT owns FERRARI. Want a cheap FERRARI – buy a FIAT.
Filled With God:
i bet they will never have affordable cars