Is it appropriate that the car I want is a 1969 camaro or a 1971 chevelle?

Well, I'm only 15 and im taking drivers ed in a week, so then I can get my permit, I can get my liscense next year at 16 in the state of NC so I was justt thinking about first cars for me. and I really like old american muscle classics and would love to own one as my first car but I think im too young

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Aurek: I don't blame you! I would love to own a classic car someday! But here's the deal: Classic cars are usually expensive, and maintenance and insurance are proportionately pricier too. They also can take a beating with year-round driving. Unless you have an excellent income, it might be better to get a used but not old car since this is your first. It will give you time to master the skills of driving and maintaining a vehicle so that when you *are* financially able to handle a classic, you'll also have the know-how and discipline to take care of it as long as possible. Your age isn't really a factor; it's money and experience that will keep a classic in great condition.

Best wishes and happy driving.

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If the 1971 Chevelle is a two-door car it is the classic and the best buy [[[ if you can afford the 1971 ]]] You have time and a garage to getthe car road ready and fixed up to look good — that car requires you look in every place on the net to find the value and the possible profit == you are not too young to own the 1971 [[[ why even think that ]]] You will enjoy and be proud of the restoration == only problem is that the motor or tranny are expensive to fix or replace == buy the 1971 and be happy …
You Can Get C3 Corvettes For Dirt Cheap; Not Every Classic Car Is Going To Be Expensive. Just Remember That Old Domestic Cars Have No Brakes, And The Only Crumple Zone Is Your Knees. But Don't Let That Deter You!
You can DREAM about any car that you'd like, but REALITY is that you probably can't afford either classic muscle car. The Insurance alone for an inexperienced teenage driver would be more than MOST people can deal with.

You need to set your sights a bit lower for your first car… Think something like a nice used Honda Civic or Toyota Corolla.

You are of an age that a muscle car is very high on insurance for a kid under 25. But have the folks check and see what the increase will be and see if you can afford it. If not if to plan B.
You can want a cool car all day long. Can you as a minor actually own one? If so, can you get insurance? Can you afford it? Don't forget, in North Carolina, you must carry personal liability insurance to get a full unrestricted drivers license. By that, I mean beyond the usual graduated driving restrictions.
I would love to have one too, but have you seen what a nice one will cost you. More than likely you cannot afford one. Besides you can buy a new car for less and it will perform way better, and all around be a much better car.
No, but those are good cars to have AFTER you get past your first couple of accidents – no sense in messing up a perfectly good classic car when you could wreck a Taurus or Corolla.
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Better call you insurance agent first. Insurance will be high.