Is it better to yous over drive in a automatic will it save on fuel?

Other answer:

You leave it in overdrive all the time. The whole purpose of the overdrive is to Save money. You only take the overdrive off if you want to do a lot of high speed sports type driving. As soon as that is over then you put it on again.
Overdrive is simply the top gear in your transmission. It's the 5th gear in a 5-speed, or the 6th gear in a 6-speed. That's the gear you want to use when you are driving at highway speeds. If you are driving a car with an automatic transmission, just put the gear selector in DRIVE and leave it there. The transmission will select the proper gear for the speed and terrain you are driving in.

When in doubt… READ the owner's manual.

If your vehicle has overdrive, and if you get to a speed that overdrive will work at, then yes, it will save on fuel.
Skoda John:
With an auto just leave overdrive in and let the box do what it wants.
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Try the Gas electric car… perhaps that might help…

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