Is it dangerous to drive out at during dusk in the evening or at night during the holiday seasons?

My dad told me not to go outside or drive out after 5pm. because he suspects that I can be killed or robbed by somebody in the parking lot or anywhere else while it is dark during this holiday season through January 2016.

Was he right? I'm 43 and man.

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Jason Williams:
This time of the year thugs want "Happy Holidays" too. So crime does go up a bit. I tend not to shop late at night year round. If I do I park in the front and check all sides before getting out of my car. Use common safety sense and you should be fine. If it does not look right? it might not be. Remember crime has no schedule stay safe! Happy Holidays.
I mean that can honestly happen at any time of the year. Sure you get a few more thieves at this time of year, but part of it also depends where you live and what you are carrying. They are going for people who they think have money. Usually going for wallets at that. Might sometimes take packages as well, but more likely to run in to a pick-pocket then a murderer.
You're getting a bit old for that. 20-year-old guys are more likely to be a victim of violence than women or other age groups, but they are expected to suck it up and enjoy it. As a 43-year old guy, your risks are more from not getting enough exercise and eating wrong, which will put you in the hospital more certainly than getting mugged.
If you live in Houston, Dallas, Chicago, L.A. or NYC or any other large city then it's likely to be more prevalent this time of year. In small towns it's not so much of a problem.
Dimo J:
You *can* be killed, robbed, or raped by a naked 18-year-old busty blonde woman. Odds are similar.
Driving in the Winter Holiday is not particularly "dangerous."
A thought shared.
Your dad is paranoid. Just use your common sense and you will be fine.
It depends where you live
Texas Underdog:
Always do what your Dad tells you.
(Unless he is a complete idiot.)