Is it easier to be a Kalita 747 pilot than a Delta 737 pilot if you have lots of CRJ time?

If you have 4000+ CRJ time and 6500TT, would it be easier to get hired by Kalita than Delta or United?

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Mildred's people: Seeing as how Delta employs 14,000 pilots and own 800 planes, whereas Kalita has a pilot force of only 300 and operate 18 aircraft, which company do you think has more pilot vacancies? Kalita does prefer pilots with heavy jet time though, so they would probably hire the pilot with 4000 hours of C-17 time before they hire the CRJ pilot.

Other answer:

Mildred's people:
Kalitta does NOT hire blue-face-anonymous pilots having lots of hours with Airfix 1/72 scale CRJ –
Since it very unlikely that you have any time in any aircraft, the chances for you are zero for either company. That estimate is enhanced by the fact that you are asking such a question on YAHOO.
Pilsner Man:
You have that many hours and don't know anyone in the industry?
Eric West:
If you had those hours, you would know the answer!

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