Is it legal to set up a camera to monitor a road sign on a public road next to my house which speeders end up hitting all the time?


Other answer:

Probably OK.

There are laws about filming where people may have an "expectation of privacy". A public street is not such a place, and it's generally legal to film there.

You get into legal trouble if your camera points into some one's back yard or living room.

Doug Freyburger:
Probably. The camera would need to be in plain sight, on private land, pointed in a fixed direction so it never tracks any one car. Once all that is in place, there is no expectation of privacy while on public roads. See how the word "public" is in there.
you can put a camera on your property for anything you want but why would you care? You are not traffic enforcer and it means nothing.
You can set up a camera on your property
I don't know what are the privacy laws in MA?
John Alden:
For you to do it? No ******* way.
SO,……………..What are you going to do with the pictures ??

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