Is it okay to drive over the speed limit in highway ?

I'm a new driver in canada, I've been seeing people pushing up to 120 km/h in an 80 km/h highway.
I was wondering what people's advice is on that ?
Since its in highway does it make it okay or something ? or is it wrong ?
Should I always just keep up with the speed of traffic ?

Best Answer:

Pedram Sd: There are few times when you should be speeding.

You'll typically exceed the speed limits only when passing, merging (and traffic is going above the speed limit and not allowing you to safely merge), when necessary to keep spacing (with an eye to allow someone behind you to pass), to stay out of someone's blind spots, etc. Otherwise, you should get in the right lane and stay near the speed limit.

There is no way you should be doing 120km/h in an 80km/h zone. 40km/h above the posted limit would be a serious infraction. In Ontario it would be $240 plus 4 demit points, higher insurance rates, and new driver's could be subject to a hearing. Police are highly likely to ticket you at 40km/h above the limit, even on a quick highway. That others are going that fast is not an excuse. Maybe you'll need to go 100km/h for a few second when passing someone. However, if they are already doing 80km/h… there is typically no need to pass them unless they are a large truck, spilling gravel, etc.

Other answer:

Pedram Sd:
The police in my area won't hassle you for driving up to about 20 over the limit on highways, 10 on city streets, except in 40 zones.
On limited access highways, to be safe, you want to be going with the flow, at a speed you are comfortable with. The more important thing is to keep room around you, especially, don' t follow too close. If you are driving the limit only, keep to the right. General rule that is ignored too often is to keep right except to pass. People seem to get that on two lane highways, but not when you get three or more lanes.
Don't base your driving off of someone else's. You never know, the second you decide to go really fast you can get pulled over or really hurt yourself/someone else. Speed limits are limits for a reason, but there's nothing wrong with having a little fun every now and then, just be mindful of what you are doing and what the consequences could be
Argus Tuft:
The posted speed is the recommended minimum for that particular road. Any slower and you'll be holding up traffic. It's best to drive slightly slower than the rest of the traffic and the faster vehicles will be the first to show up n the speed gun, so will be the first to get pulled over.
Harley Drive:
never be the fastest car on the road , let the guy in front get the tickets plus you don't know how many tickets those 120 k drivers get
Dimo J:
Keeping up with the speed of traffic is good enough for lemmings.