Is it safe to sail across the Atlantic Ocean?

I'm sailing across the atlantic from Bermuda to the Azores, then to Corsica and finally Rome. It's on a 6 sail 111ft Schooner with an experienced crew. Just a little nervous about the whole thing.

Best Answer:

nilsa: I would say you are very safe. Many have done it in far smaller sailboats. My son and I have done it round trip in a 27 Albin Vega, and and a 32' Westsail, and I have done it with friends in a 40' Rassy. So in a 111 footer, you should have a blast.

With a good seaworthy boat, a good crew, you should never feel in fear of your life. A potential brief bought with seasickness is the worst that will happen.


Other answer:

Should be OK. Schooners have sailed the Atlantic since the age of piracy
Sounds like fun. 111 foot is as big as most of the fishing vessels in the Bering sea…wear your life jacket at all times.

I wise person once said, "Never regret what you have done, only what you haven't." Or some such thing. This is a once in a life time experience.

It should be.
It should be.
It should be.

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