Is it weird to wear a surgical mask in America on a train?

I've seen Japanese wear those masks but in America I dont see it in Boston
I commute by train and I dont want to get sick nor get anyone sick.

Best Answer:

ANIMe: It can be done. It does, not help that much. It is more for people that may have a lung issue. You would want a mask when the air is dirty/dusty.Sometime joggers will wear one when jogging near roads with heavy traffic.

You get most diseases from your hands touching things then touching your face.

Something like Ebola is very hard to catch. It is very easy to catch something like a cold or the flu.

Wear a mask when doing something like yard work or maybe cleaning with spray things. Most masks are not the surgical very small microbial type. if it is disease prevention you are wanting.

Washing your hands and practicing general good hygiene is your best easiest and cheapest prevention tool.
Things like cleaning your touch surfaces at home like door knobs ,fridge handles counter tops where food is prepared and so on.

It is unusual to wear one in the USA . The air quality is generally much better than that of many places in the Orient.…

If the Air was like this I would wear a mask. It would not be because I was worried about getting EBOLA. or some other RARE illness.

Other answer:

Yep it's weird, unless it's this one.
It is a bit weird, but who cares, do what you want, as long as your not hurting anyone.
If you want to then do it. I'd do it if it keeps me from getting Ebola.
ep it's weird, unless it's this one.

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