Is it wrong to cut off a school bus?

I find it amusing but is this a safe thing to do?

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No Summertime: i dunno, there are kids involved so you want to be safe … but they do hire the biggest morons on the planet to drive school buses .. the people that got fired and cant even hold a job as a grocery bagger or burger flipper yeah .. those are the school bus drivers …

Other answer:

No Summertime:
Yes, in that it's wrong to cut off anyone.
Skoda John:
Umm let me see. Bus v car.
Bus 1 car 0.
They carry dash cams.
if i'm being honest, I do it all the time, just make sure you give them enough space because if you break check them, they aren't wearing seatbelt and could easily get hurt in a crash, and if they rear ended you, it would be your fault and the fine would be very high because you risked children's life, and that's only if none of them are hurt.
don r:
It is wrong and you are a troll. Nobody is that dammed stupid.
obviously not im mean come on is this a troll lol
It all depends. How big is your hacksaw, or do you use an angle-grinder?
Steve S:
your an idiot and shouldn't be on the road. What does the first road rule say?
You might be retarded. I'd check with your doctor.

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