Is it wrong to take up a public parking spot if you have a paid parking spot a few feet away?

I pay for a parking spot but usually find a public spot a little closer. Is it wrong to use up a public parking spot if I have a private one a few feet further away?
Im rich. I really dont need the spot but pay for it anyway. I use it about 50% of the time. if there is a spot a few feet closer in the public street though i will save myself a few steps and park there.

Other answer:

It matters where this parking lot is – is it a busy area? An area like a hospital, for example? If the area where you pay for parking is always very crowded with very few parking spots, then I would consider it rude to take one of the public spots rather than your personal spot where no one else may park, especially if the parking lot is for somewhere important that it would be very unfortunate for someone not to find a spot. Even in neighborhoods this can be irritating, if visitors have very few places to park and the reserved spots are open because the person that owns the spot is taking up space in the public parking area. Park in the spot you pay for. It's inconsiderate not to. If you find yourself barely needing it, then stop paying for it and use public parking instead. If you need your paid spot most of the time because the area is crowded, park in it every time and do that extra bit of walking. You're getting more exercise and you won't feel guilty about taking up public space.

If you live in a complex where you have a paid for allocated Parking Space and you park in a Visitors Bay then yes you are in the wrong. If a visitor parked in your allocated Parking Space you would complain.
And they were probably told how many Visitors Bays they had to have to get the building permits.

Andy C

It is not 'wrong' necessarily, but it means you are wasting your money every time you park in the other spot instead of the one you have paid for. And if parking spots are hard to come by, it is rude to all the other drivers who cannot use your paid spot but could have used the public spot.
Rona Lachat:
Wrong NO rude YES. As you are WEALTHY you probably DO NOT care. So why ask?
You are in effect taking two spots in the area when you use a public one and leave yours empty.

Thanks my elderly mother used to visit your neighbor . They stopped as they could never find a place to park that was not reserved.