Is my car still legally driveable after this crash? Both lights still work! (Front fog lights obviously dont)

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In the UK, no, there are too many exposed sharp edges which present an injury risk for other road users such as pedestrians and cyclists.

You would probably be allowed to drive the car home after the incident, and from home to a repair shop, but not use the car for normal everyday purposes. You might even be at risk of receiving a warning if the car was parked on the road (rather than on private premises) in that condition.

Legally? If any light that should work isn't working the car isn't legal to drive. That's the law.
But in reality no one is going to care about the fogs not working. And you need to get the car home.
to get home, cops will let you go on it, but it would be considered a pedestrian hazard all the exposed wheel and rough edges. of course different areas will enforce this sort of thing to different levels (South Australia is fairly relaxed)
If the lights are still working, I guess its ok … Just be careful during your trip
Steve S:
no if you hit a pedestrian they would be more likely to be injured by the damaged missing part of the vehicle and the headlight aim would be off.
Depends where you live, just take it to your local garage and have them check it out themselves to make sure 100%
as long as lights work and are aimed properly there should be no problem
Mustafa Mohammed:
Yeah it is.

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