Is orange fuel considered good?

I put fuel in my pit bike and it's been sitting for a few months, now the fuel is orange. Is this considered good? It was clear yellow before I put it in.
It was freshly pumped from the servo the day I put it in & a few months later, it is dark orange.

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Ivy ♥:
Orange fuel? what made it orange? water phase separation, rust or maybe it was aircraft fuel with lead in it? 2 stroke premix? Stihl dealer have a yellow/orange colored Stabil meant for ethanol mixes that darken with couple months age- still good for up to 6-8 months. Sour smell is better indicator, low flash point another. Lots of old chainsaw gas just put into light trucks after winter setting, outboard motor gas the same use.
Firecracker .:
But why is it orange?

Because color change is one thing that happens when fuel gets old and breaks down. It'll smell a bit different, too.

It may clog up your carburetor. Best to drain it and refill with fresh fuel.
Steve S:
its old you wouldn't use it if you were racing it doubt it'll hurt the pit bike but since you ask old fuel is considered shiit
J E T H R O has it right. The interior of your fuel tank is corroding.
IT'S ORANGE BECAUSE IT'S BAD! I won't go into the science….
J E T H R O:
The orange is rust.
Tim D:
And that is what ethanol does, I would not put it in my bike.

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