Is there a cd to aux converter for my car?

I dont have a tape player, or an aux port in my car. Is there such thing as a cd to aux. And if not will they ever make one?

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The cd/aux button on your unit , is for either/or. In other words, when there's a cd in the carriage and you hit the cd/aux button, the cd OR an aux input will be played. Since the cd player is hard wired into the amp circuit, that's what plays. And you would loose the cd player, if you had a hard wired aux input installed to the factory amp. Now, keeping the factory radio is advantageous for all the extra features it has. I recommend an inline FM modulator. An Audiovox FMM100 works very well. With this you will also need two Delco to regular antenna adapters (if you own a GM), and a 3.5mm stereo to two RCA male dash mount plug. This is a bit involved to install, but preforms as good as a factory installed aux port. It needs power to operate, so a switch & the 3.5mm plug need to be conveniently mounted
There probably is one available somewhere. Why not look at a new receiver instead. Best Buy and other retailers have them with CD,AUX, USB, Bluetooth etc for well under $100. And you won't have to mess with big money for an FM converter. It is an easy install for someone with youtube I Just put new ones into my cars and am kicking myself that I didn't do it years ago!
An fm converter is best bet if you are saving money, can be choppy sometimes since its through radio waves. Otherwise just buy a radio with an aux input for 80$ or more
I don't fully get your question?

But what probably needs is a FM radio converter. This will play MP3 files off a thumb drive or SD card, or via a headphone jack from your cellphone. It transmits a low power FM radio signal, and you can tune any old car radio to pick it up.

Cheap, simple to use and works on any car with a radio.

Audiovox Fmm-100
Yup, but they are not cheap.…

Unless you are simply in love with your current CD deck it might be a better option to simply upgrade your CD player to one that also has an auxiliary input.

Please provide your year, make and model, as well as the radio type you have if you want your answers to be relevant.