Is there a site?

I was wondering if there's a site where I can go look at any make and model to see what problems they have? I am on the market for a new car and I want the best info I can get to make the right decision and not buy a lemon. Thanks!

Other answer:

Lots of sites. Enter the make and model you are looking for on google.

Consumer reports, you might have to go to the library. And they may be able to give you online access because their full database is not free online.

I did that once and it was a pain. Like a 20 digit library card number, plus a username & password.

Consumer Reports does extensive reviews on every car sold in America.
Dozens of sites…Kelley Blue Book, Consumers' Reports, and on and on. Just browse automobile reviews and you'll get dozens of hits.
Consumer Reports magazine (April issue) and the web site are considered the "bible" for smart car buyers.
Love big words:
Consumer reports is best

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