Is this plane good?

If not which one in the same level?

2- How long it can flight? Autonomy.

3- Do you need permission? Course etc

4-Can you land everywhere? Streets etc
Do you have to ask to land in an airport?.

5-Is it difficult to assemble?

Best Answer:

Tracy L: It's a great aircraft if. You know how to BUILD IT. How to get it certified. Have a Pilots Certificate.
If you are not an A&P or have lots of experience building an airplane it isn't all that great. If you plan on buying from someone who built it.. hope you trust the knowledge they used!
From the website "Comp Air Aviation., manufactures kits for a complete family of all-composite kit-built airplanes, " Trust me this kit is not for a beginner!
Insurance will be another issue for another day. Turbines and new pilots don't mix well. You will have to earn at least a Private Pilot certificate and follow all the rules and regulations for all aircraft! Do notice they are all "experimental" category aircraft at this time.

Other answer:

Tracy L:
1. I'm fuzzy on the whole "good/bad thing". Airplanes are inanimate objects, they are nether "good" nor "bad". They have varying capabilities, what mission do you want the plane to perform?

2. What is "Autonomy"? You posted link to the web site, which lists the range as 1500 nm, why ask us?

3&4. All aircraft operate under the same rules. Flying under Visual flight rules, normally you do not need to request permission from anyone. Do you see a lot of airplanes landing in the streets? Why do you think the rules would be different for this plane?

5. Yes. Many builders of kit aircraft take years to complete them. Many kit airplanes never get finished at all.

What are you talking about?
Angela D:
good for what?