Is this symtoms of a bad clutch?

Was driving in rain when sudenly car would only move at high rpms then stoped deiving period. When car is parked in any gear i can push the car also car runs in gear. I jacked up car and spun tires while in gear and only one tire spun so is it bad clutch or axle?

Other answer:

To test the clutch, warm up the motor and then at a dead stop put the tranny in 4th gear with the clutch pedal down. Rev the motor to 3,000 rpm and release the clutch pedal suddenly. If the motor stalls the clutch is good. if the rpms slowly drop and the vehicle barely moves the clutch needs replacing. You probably need to have the flywheel machined to get rid of hot spots that will cause clutch chatter.
That sounds like a burnt out clutch to me.
If I understand what you are describing that is classic for a completely worn out clutch.
Its kind of weird that only 1 tire spun.