Is wifi free on trains?

I'm going up to Paddington on the Penzance Paddington train. Is there free wifi on this train? If not, how much does it cost? Thanks 🙂 also where do I get it? Do I get it from the buffet car and get the code then pay from my card once I've set it up or can I pay in cash up front? Thanks

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No trains have 'free Wi-Fi'. On Virgin and Cross Country Services, Wi-Fi is available but it is expensive to pay for. I would recommend a dongle or something alike as the Wi-FI on trains is slow in most areas and there is not a lot of content you can access.
David S:
As far as I am aware First Great Western's trains on this route do not have Wi Fi. You can telephone them and check 0345 7000 125
If the train has Wifi it is free – but not all trains have it yet. I believe the trial is on the Oxforfd and Worcester routes, not the Cornwall ones.…

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SNCF : le wiFi gratuit dans les gares à partir de juin 2014….…

Présentation du Régiolis Alstom (Z 51500) SNCF nouveau train…

Heu… Plus gros…?…

SNCF Nouveau Logo par le temp et l'espace..

Not all have it yet, but there are just some that do.