Just got flashed by camera twice while turning on red light.?

It is around nighttime late around 11:50ish, I get off the freeway coming home from the gym, I check my surroundings and there is no cars in sight, I slow down and make a right turn and I get flashed twice. Was going 25 mph, I know i didn't make a full stop but what the hell I do it all the time.

Other answer:

If you were not completely in the right tun lane you may have triggered the camera by being partly in the straight on lane
Traffic light regulations run 24/7 regardless of the amount of traffic or the number of times you use the junction.
Wait until the fine comes through and then argue your case with the issuing office, they are the only people who can say why the camera caught you.
A red light camera flashes when a vehicle doesn't stop completely.
Why is their any Speed Cameras operating anywhere in the world, when we have so many of the young being so good at Paint Ball War Games ? why do they not just show us how skilful they have become, by blasting a Speed Camera, how pleased we all would be !
A thought shared.
They could have gone off in error, wait and see if you get a ticket.