Looking to buy used or new car, from scale 1 to 3. How would you rate these cars. Nissan-Toyota-Honda. 1 will be deem the best.?

if you can expand on your response is eve better.

Best Answer:

Gabe: Honda is number 1, toyota is 2, Nissan is 3 good luck.

Other answer:

Honda usually is ranked most reliable and holds value best.
I would now say Nissan is number 2, based on recent Toyota issues.
Toyota has a good reputation historically, but lately they have been having a LOT of recalls for issues that make the cars unsafe to drive, not to mention the hassle of having to take the car in repeatedly to get those issues fixed.
In general, overall automobile brand quality rating would be in the following order.


However, the particular model and trim level of any vehicle produced by these automakers comes into play as well, not just the brand itself.

Use edmunds.com to see reliability and quality ratings and reviews once you have determine which model vehicles, not just brand, you are considering for purchase.

Honda is the best, i have 165k on mine still runs like new