Luxury vehicle definition…?

Would my 2006 H3 hummer be considered a fairly high-end luxury vehicle? Is it in the same class as the exotics?

Other answer:

The H3 is definitely not a high end luxury vehicle. It was just quick cash grab by GM to offer a cheaper model under the Hummer brand name (The H2 and H1 were much more expensive) and make a model that got better fuel economy and was more practical in size than the other two models Hummer offered. It was noticeably underpowered up until the H3 Alpha came out.

It's in the same category as Jeep Wranger Unlimited, or Nissan Xterra, or Toyota FJ Crusier.

No. It is basically a pumped Chevrolet Tahoe. Despite it being a magnet for trashy people that like neon paint and huge wheels, and despite it not being a bad vehicle in stock form, the Hummer is not a luxury vehicle. It is not exotic whatsoever. It is irrelevant how expensive they are, even high end Land Rovers, the Jaguar F-Pace, Maserati Levente, etc are not exotic. The only exotic SUV I can think of being exotic is perhaps the Bentley Bentaga.
Bobby Jim:
No. Hummers are utility vehicles, not luxury vehicles. Hummers were made by General Motors, hardly known for their "exotic." vehicles.
A Hummer is not a "luxury" vehicle. It's a pseudo converted military transport.
DR + Mrs Bears face:
Hi No sorry your Hummer is really classed as a utility vehicle as it was military once upon a time. being meant for the desert wars. where width is not an issue.
Phil M:
Hummers are classified as sport utility vehicles.
It's a freaking Chevy with a body kit. If it's exotic, so is the VW Beetle with the Rolls-Royce nose.