Mats to put over railway lines?

Hi I'm just wondering if anybody knows of anywhere that would sell a mat strong enough to withstand the current of electricity that runs through railway lines when the train is approaching

Other answer:

Are you hoping to stop a train by insulating it from the power supply?

That would not work as they usually have several pick-up shoes, because of the possibility of one being affected by something scraped off the line. In any case a fast-moving train would sweep the mat aside.

However trying to interfere with railway operations in such a way is illegal, as well as being very dangerous to anyone placing mats on live rails.

Timothy L:
1. There is no electricity coming through the rails when the train is approaching if there are overhead wires.
2. If its a third rail system like the underground or parts of the southern region then the power is on to the third rail all the time.

As has been said, its illegal and dangerous and could cause a rail accident with death and injuries. And if you are so ignorant about railways you stand a good chance of being fried or run over.
Go back to the model trainset.

Put a sheet of alloy across the rails and run across it with no shoes on.. You'll get to see if it works or not.. :-)))
I strongly advise against this as it is just illegal and you could face criminal charges and or prosecution and arrest.
You don't need a mat, just stick your tongue against the rail, that'll do what you want.
you are sick in the head, and you really ought to seek medical help!.
What your doing is illegal
Evelyn The Modified Dog:
The soles of your trainers would totally work, on you go.
you be doa
Mario Antonio:
Go for it!