Most spacious SUV to have sex in? Rear headroom is what I'm after but don't want a van!?

Preferably something reliable.. I can't even kneel in back without hitting the roof, on my friends suburban, and I'm 5'9 ! Thanks!

Other answer:

Anything in which the third-row seat folds flat should work. The Expedition comes to mind.

A Dodge Grand Caravan with tinted windows and an air bed would still be your best bet, and the resale values are so low that you can get one cheap. Which will be good, because when the cops bust you for indecent exposure, you'll have money left over to pay the court costs.

Chevy Suburban or the Ford Excursion and Expedition would be your best bets. But generally anything Chevy Tahoe size or larger would work in a pinch.
Nasty Troll of Infinite Wisdom:
Borrowing your friends Suburban to have sex in? Cant afford a room? Bet your a real piece of work, I can just imagine the type of sex partner you attract, Or are you just doing hookers?
Im not even going to answer this question. But i will say that this has nothing to do with car audio. Choose the right category.