Motorcycle insurance claim question?

I have comprehensive but will i be covered because it got stolen from a house other than my own?

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Joseph C:
Yes you are covered if you insurance includes "Theft coverage" even if it is parked it at a bar, or nightclub. It is your bike registered to you. So read your policy.
In my country yes.
Timbo is here:
Depends on the terms and conditions. You have to (usually) tell the insurer at the start of the policy where the bike is normally kept overnight. Going off on holiday or maybe to stay at a friends, thus the bike being away from home at night will not invalidate the insurance.
If the insurer can see that you have lied about where it is being kept then yes they can refuse to pay up.
"Probably" since the reason was that you left it in a locked garage at your bosses to work on a 2 week job.
The location of the cycle when it was stolen makes no difference as far as insurance is concerned.
yes, you are covered
Ask your insurance agent.

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