Mustang or Camaro?

Im not sure whether to get a mustang or a Camaro. I can't afford to get a v8 so I'm going to be limited to the lower end models. I can't decide between the two and decided I'd like to hear your guys opinions on which you think I should get and why.

Other answer:

It depends, I would go with a Mustang, but your question is a bit vague. I personally like the 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 and a Mach 1 would bet a 69 Camaro with stock parts. But there are certain camaros that I'm not familiar with that could beat out a Mustang. It's all about what kind you are thinking of
In my opinion I would go with a Camaro because mustangs are notorious for problems and stuff so I would go with a camaro because u will end up spending less… hope this helps! 🙂
Mustangs are wild and hard to train whereas the Camaro from the Apalaciun mountain range are sturdy, hardy creatures and make for good riders.!!
I'm a big fan of Chevrolet, so I have to vote for the Camaro, BUT if I couldn't go for the V8, I'd pick something else. A sports car without a sports car engine isn't all that appealing, in my opinion.
Mustang. Agressive looks.