My car has no aux. what can I do ? Can I buy a new stereo that has aux ?

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I have a device called a Motorola Roadster. It is for hands free calling in my car through my phone's bluetooth transmitter. It cost about $60. I can transmit my tunes to it by bluetooth then it modulates an FM carrier and transmit the music to my FM car radio. It works very well,

I have also gone to places like Big Lots and seem FM Modulators that plug into the headphone jack on a music player that will transmit to your FM radio. For about $12. The digital ones are best.

don r:
Yes you can do that. My car is like that. I installed an fm modulator and play my mp3 through that. The fm modulator is like having a personal radio station on the radio, and the best part is I like my radio and did not wont to replace it. The modulator cost $50. Maybe your radio has aux input on the back. Check that before shelling out good money.
easiest would buy a aux adapter plug it into the back of the stereo and you done. But its nicer looking to just buy a new stereo but its cheaper to buy the adapter
WTF is "aux?"

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