My car is jerking after I got a oil change?

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Details are needed. Year, make, model. And what do you mean jerking? Is the engine stalling out, or is the transmission causing problems? Your question is very vague unfortunately making it difficult to guess.

Needless to say, if it just started after an oil change, then something did not go right. It is also why to avoid those quick oil change places like the plague. They are the biggest scammers that will intentionally do bad things and try to sell you stuff you do not need.

I am curious if they messed with your transmission fluid by mistake. Such as drain some fluid by mistake or intention.

Also possible they spilled some oil somewhere and screwed up a sensor, ignition coil or part of the system.

That is why I ask for more information on what you mean by jerking. And I would look up your engine layout and system if I am unfamiliar with it to get a better understanding. Chances are another car geek will have a quick answer too.

I doubt if the oil change caused this, there is something else going on
Then take it back to where the oil was changed.
That's ok I am jerking too

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