My car is not starting as easily as it used to…. Peugeot 306(S) – Any ideas on what the problem could be?

Other answer:

It could be dirty injectors or faulty glow plugs or starter motor, but the only way to be sure is to take it for a diagnostic check.
A reputable local garage will do it a lot cheaper than a Peugeot Dealer.
Mike Hunt:
It depends on how much miles you have on the clock and how it was driven before…you should probably check the starter if its not that than it could be bad spark plugs or bad injection…but i think the starter is most probably at the end of its life…
Timbo is here:
Massive number of possibilities
Skoda John:
When was it last serviced?
Peter The Piper Uk:
You may have a glow plug or two not working.
The Starter…take it for a tuneup.
INFO..EVER serviced? COME ON MAN..What miles?
Thanks, is a 'tune up' different to a service as I only had a service 3 weeks ago! 🙁
get it serviced / tuned
buy a japanese car.