My demand letter for a personal injury case was sent to the person at fault insurance company last week. How long does it take for a reply?

Other answer:

If you have an attorney representing you, it can take up to 30 days. Most of the times if you get an attorney early on, your file is sort of put on a "hold" until all of your treatment is done and the file can be analyzed and evaluated. This means that the injury adjuster has to comb through all of your treatment to make sure its deemed "medically reasonable" and also to determine what the correct amount should be for your "pain and suffering" and if any other damages (lost work, etc) is reasonable in light of the treatment.

If you are not represented by an attorney or didn't receive a ton of treatment, it should take less time.

If you are not represented by an attorney you can also just contact the adjuster and ask them how long it will take. If they know you're going to keep bugging them, they will want to work your file just so you leave them alone

Obi Wan Knievel:
They're going to take as long as the law allows in your jurisdiction, and the reply won't be a settlement offer. It's not as easy as you were hoping.

Their reply will be a letter telling you they need more documentation before they can even talk about a settlement. They'll want access to your medical records, income and employment records, an updated doctor's report on your injury and treatment plan, and so on.

It's entirely your job to prove what you lost when claiming compensation, and the proof has to be acceptable in a court of law. If you don't have an injury lawyer, you'll want to hire one. Then you can ask them instead of a room full of uninformed online strangers.

If in fact the at fault insurance company only has $25,000 in limits and your medical bills are $130,000, my guess they will issue a check for $25,000 w/in a week or two.

But, unknown what state you live in, where either health insurance or med pay/PIP can subrogate (get paid back) what they paid for your medical bills, then no matter how long or soon, my guess you won't see a dime for you in this settlement, since (if) they can subrogate, then they take ALL of the money and you get nothing.

Do you have Under-Insurance Bodily Injury on your own auto policy? Then they could pay up to the limits over the $25,000. .

But, if this lawyer get 33% of this settlement and you get nothing due to minimum limits, then unless he does "something" to help you, then you could have a malpractice case, since unless there is an under-insured on your policy, then what the heck did he/she do for you?

Been There, Done That.:
I can't tell you, but the last time I was involved in a no-fault accident, the other party's ins stalled payment for M O N T H S.

About the only way to get quick action is by having an attorney involved, who will threaten them with a lawsuit if they don't get cracking.

There is no set, one fits all answer. It takes as long as it takes.

If you had a lawyer send the letter of demand, ask him any questions you may have.

Days, weeks, months. There is no set time frame when the are obligated to reply.
Minimum of a month. Often much longer. Best source of answers will be your own agent.
Linda R:
Relax. Let your insurance company do their job with the other insurance company.