My son rented a Ent Car without the insurance and was hit from behind what should he do He has no other auto insurance?

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How he EVEN DID THAT is highly unusual. But if he did , Basically he is saying he will pay for any damages done to the car. EnT still owns the car, but now Sonny is going to have to go after the other's drivers insurance that rear-ended him. He has to deal with the paperwork, Not You. The other insurance will take care of the repairs. Your son will probably have to tell Ent because the car will be gone longer than they planned. Maybe they will step in once your son has initiated the claim against the other insurance company. He should be informing Ent like right away.
The answer can vary by state law, and insurance policies.

The only positive thing in this situation (if you want to call it that), is that your son is not at fault. Had it been the other way around, he would be responsible for the damage to the vehicle, and the other person's vehicle. Since your son is not at fault, Enterprise will be contacting the other person's insurance company, not looking at your son.

Again, depending on state law and Insurance company policies – it may turn into a legal matter since he was completely uninsured, and operating a motor vehicle. My suggestion would be to call a reputable Insurance company in your state, and hypothetically (this is very important, so it doesn't result in a legal matter) ask:

"If a family member were to rent a vehicle from a car rental company, declined the car rental company's optional insurance, and were not insured personally by an insurance company, what would happen if they were to get into a not at-fault accident? Would there be any laws broken?"

Word it pretty close to that, if not, exactly, and see what they say. You do not need to provide any of your information to them if asked.

I hope this helps!

In some states the fact that he was uninsured means he should not have been on the road at all and is at fault because he was. In other states, it doesn't matter. If the other driver was at fault, that driver's insurance company should cover the costs. He may have to sue the other driver, or their insurance company but the rental car should be taken care of. So, the best advice, CONSULT A LOCAL ATTORNEY. And do it quickly. There is usually a time constraint.
Pay all the bills Enterprise send him. In the meantime he should be employing a better lawyer than the insurance company of the driver who hit him. Without any insurance he's about to be taken to the cleaners by some very big and very nasty lawyers regardless of whether he was 'at fault' or not.

This will, be a salutary lesson to him why you need auto insurance, If you don't contribute to the pot you can't expect to dip into it come meal time.

He may have two possible ways out. 1. If he paid by major credit card they may cover the damage. 2. If the party who is at fault has insurance, it should cover the damage. In the mean time Enterprise may put a hold of $250 – $1000 on the card until the payment arrangements have been sorted out. He will probably need to report the claim to the Credit card company and the liable parties Insurance. Enterprise's claims department may assist him in the reporting. If neither of these solutions work for him, he may have to pay for the repairs himself. Good Luck
Obi Wan Knievel:
He should pay Enterprise like he agreed to, that's what he should do.

That's how it works when you rent a car. Unless you buy their optional (and brutally expensive) damage insurance, you agree to pay for any and all damage that happens to the vehicle. There's no way to un-agree to that after the damage happens.

Your son can sue the owner of the at-fault vehicle, if the law allows it where he is, and he'll be reimbursed assuming the other vehicle was insured. But Enterprise doesn't care about that, they just want their money like the contract says.

If he was hit from behind while stopped, then the other guy will be liable. Your Son or anyone else, for that matter doesn't need to be insured in order to collect from another person or insurance company.
If there was a police report that documents the accident and the guilt of the party who hit him from behind, you should be going after their insurance ot help pay for this. Meantime, Enterprise will be expecting you and your son to pay for the damages.
I suspect he conned the hire company into believing he held his own insurance or they would not have hired to him without their insurance cover. So he has to pay the price for his deception. He will have to sue the other driver for the damage to the rental car. That's hassle he could easily have avoided. Maybe it will be a lesson in life for him?

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