Ninja professional how to grate?

Other answer:

First you have to find a Ninja, and a large grater. Then you push the Ninja against it and rub up and down until you have a pile of grated Ninja. Done
Candid Chris:
What is your question?
To 'grate' one uses a grater, like shredded cheese.
If you mean 'GRADE' that's a different story as there are a number of Kawasaki Ninjas to grade.

Re-ask your question, try to spell correctly and add a few details, Ninjas have been made for over 30 yrs and in different sizes.

Dimo J:
I am a cook! I use this one:…

To make Deruny — Ukrainian Potato Pancakes — you have to grate the potatoes, by hand. hard work.…
Used to. Now just eggs, onion, potato, Bisquick, salt and pepper into the Ninja and — ZAP — done!

The difference between chop, grate, and puree is — time.
Cooking is an art, not a science. You have to fail several times until you learn.
Dogs always love your cooking, no how bad it becomes.

Wrong kind of ninja….
Wrong kind of ninja….
Wrong kind of ninja….
Wrong kind of ninja….