Normal to be nauseous when flying?

I ve had about 8 flight lessons. It has been really windy flights

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Pretty normal. Some people get airsickness, some do not. A popular remedy is to take two ginger capsules about half an hour before the flight.

There is a strong psychological component to airsickness. When I worked in avionics I was fine for a dozen years, then I had my head under an instrument panel (passenger seat) to look for the reason the autopilot drifted up a hundred feet or so and suddenly dove for the proper altitude. That sensitized me so every time I got in a plane and the engine started, if I knew I was going to fly I got queasy. If I knew I was going to stay there or taxi, I was okay. Eventually I was told about ginger and it stopped the whole thing.

I'm a private pilot and enjoy flying my own airplane and even doing mild aerobatic maneuvers. I never have a problem when I am flying the airplane. That being said, I sometimes get a bit queasy when I am a passenger and someone else is in control. I think it's a control issue more than actual air sickness. but I find it helps to aim an air vent so I get a stream of fresh air hitting me in the face. I do this when riding in both small airplanes and in the big airliners.
Air sickness is irrational fears (because of airplane motion) – also psychological –
This translates into nausea… probably related to your stomach being empty or too full…?

You are learning to fly…?
You better check that problem (maybe with a FAA medical examiner) –
It would be better not to invest in pilot training if you cannot solve the nausea problem first –

Old trick of the trade (?) but I do not guarantee it always work…
Take one or two lessons with an instructor in aerobatic training, doing spins and rolls…
That should build your confidence…?
And get your body not to get "nervous" in all kinds of attitudes, maneuvers and G loads…
They also used to do that in the Air Force's primary flight training –

Incidentally, the Air Force does not recommend a (completely) empty stomach –
It is better to take a light breakfast, such as croissant with jelly and a cup of coffee before flight –
Empty stomach (some people who know NOTHING about flying recommend that) – A MlSTAKE –

Fifty five years ago, I was a paratrooper with the 82nd Airborne Division. And, many of my fellow troopers not only became nauseous during the flight prior to a jump but became sick to the point of needing barf bags. I normally did not have that trouble but, if enough people around me got sick, it made me nauseous.
Yes, if you are inclined that way. Take Gravol before going up.
Yes, many student pilots get airsickness. In time they usually get over it, but if it's severe and persistent they sometimes have to curtail their piloting ambitions.
Yes, if you are inclined that way. Take Gravol before going up.
Yes, if you are inclined that way. Take Gravol before going up.
if you get motion sickness I guess…..personally I've never really had a problem with it