Oil leak/fly wheel problem on car – how long can I drive it for?

Hi, I took my car into the garage and they said it had a problem with the fly wheel causing it to leak oil. I've booked my car in to the garage for the 10th January as that was their first appointment. He didn't say anything about not driving it but is it a good idea to drive it?

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Why not just call the mechanic back and ask ? They are the ones that have diagnosed it. If it is the rear main seal, make sure you avoid parking the car facing downhill instead of up. I'm curious how much oil you
have been using on a weekly basis. I'm quite sure you can drive it but don't let that oil level go down to far if it's a heavy leak. How big is the oil slick under your car where you park it.
That depends on how much oil you lose. Half the time I her about rear main seal leaks they turn out just to be the valve cover leaking and the oil running down the back of the motor and dripping where the tranny joins the motor. Better make sure a real mechanic diagnosed this and not some Jiffy Lube/Firestone high school drop out lube boy! Check your dipstivk every 200 miles to see if the oil level is actually dropping. if it isn't I'd just leave it alone but keep an eye on how much oil you need to add to keep the oil level near the upper mark on the dipstick. Change the oil and filter every 3,000 miles!
If this is a problem they found and you've never noticed – oil on the ground – then I'd forget about it and keep an eye on the oil level. Rear main seal problems are not that common anymore.
Flywheels are attached to the front of transmissions on torque converters. Perhaps they are referring to the bushing for the torque converter? It should leak transmission fluid, not crankcase oil.

A small leak should not prevent you from driving. However, don't drive it when it is very low on fluid (that could damage something).

It sounds like a rear main seal–Flywheels don't "leak" oil. How much of a leak IS it? Do you have to add oil often? If so, you are not helping the motor "live" very well…
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If it's a sttck shift car, the oil can stain the clutch and allow it to burn out early. No guessing how long you have before you're stranded. If automatic, just don't let the engine oil get low or the exhaust pipes to get oil soaked and start a fire.
its not the flywheel causing the leak. its the rear main seal in back of the flywheel that's leaking as seen in the posted picture. keep the engine full of oil and you'll be fine. if its a major leak and you are losing a significant amount of oil then really not safe to drive you could do damage to the engine
Depends on how fast it leaks out. On rare occasions they can suddenly get much worse so it is wise to keep an eye on it.
it should be fine to use , just check your motor oil level every few days depending on how excessive the leak is, my jeep cherokee leaks oil from my crankshaft oil seal inbetween the flywheel & trans. i just top it up once a week.
as long as you keep the oil topped off its fine, you'll just be paving the roads everywhere you go. mines been like this for 10 years.