Okay , but is it bad to drive with 2 different feet?

People say its dangerous but I find it waayy easier to.

Other answer:

Yes. You either accelerate or slow down. There's no need for two feet unless you are driving a standard transmission vehicle. You'll also look stupid if you are accelerating and one of your feet is resting on the brake pedal, not to mention you'll wear out your brakes faster.
Sooner or later, using your two feet will sail you. You will panic and wreck. Stop doing this now and save yourself the embarrassment. Besides that, everyone that uses their left foot for braking drags the brakes and wears them out way too fast.
You should only be using YOUR feet…..But if you happen to have 2 different feet….Dont feel bad when you have to "Bust one of them off" in somebodys ***
Yes it's very dangerous. If something happened , it would be very easy to mash on the gas if your foot is on the pedal. You want to use both feet, get a manual transmission car.
Scott H:
Yes, it is bad. If your car is an automatic, you drive with your right foot only.
As long as the "two different feet" are attached to the same body, you should be good to go.