Please help, what is the name of this part? 1996 Ford ranger.?

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I see an oil cap, valve cover, hoses, clamps, tubes, wires, plugs. Are you referring to a particular hose? If so it's really tough to say the name of it, usually you call it whatever it attaches to or does. Check for an online mechanics' manual that has diagrams or Google "1996 Ford Ranger engine hose diagram" and you should be able to find a name or at least a part number.
paul h:
There is a part missing where the broken hoses attach to called a "heater valve" which shuts off the flow of coolant to the heater core when the AC is engaged. A Ford dealer or parts store should carry the valve and there should be a vacuum line /hose that attaches to it as well…or you can just attach the hoses together with copper pipes or plastic tubes of the proper size which will allow the heater to function but will cause the AC to blow warmer than normal air since it cannot turn off the flow of coolant via the vacuum control.

Pic of the heater valve …item #6 in first link………

Jay P:
I can see the 2 broken hose connectors but which part are you referring to? Circle or put an arrow pointing to what parts(s) specifically.
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