Posible gas leak in my dads boat help!?

My dad wants to know if there was a dye out there to help detect a gas leak or any idea please help thank you

Best Answer:

?: No dye necessary. Excessive gasoline fumes is the best indicator. Note there is a big difference between burnt fuel fumes (exhaust) and gasoline fumes. Gasoline fumes, as others have stated, are very dangerous and are one spark away from an explosion. Another thing you could look for is gasoline on the water surface near the engine. You know, the "rainbow" effect. If you smell gas onboard the boat, you either have spilled gasoline or there is gas in the bilge. The "soapy water" test only works on scenarios where there is air pressure involved (like natural gas or propane). I doubt a leak in a fuel line would cause bubbles if there was soapy water on the hose.

Other answer:

No dye for fuel, leaks will show up on a paper towel. Please be careful as fumes are highly explosive !
you might go to boat motor dealer and ask if there is a dye available good luck
a spray bottle full of soapy water – spray it all over the pipe & joints look for bubbles forming.
fuzzy's answer (spray bottle with soapy water) is very effective, best answer.
Please be careful as fumes are highly explosive !