Purchased a truck 6 weeks ago. Now dealership says to bring the truck back. I signed a contract.. Now what and do I have to return the truck?

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Woody B:
Return it. There is a problem with your financing application which "They could not work out" which is why it took longer(as they were trying every which way to do it). You MAY HAVE TO SIGN some other documents to get a financing package from another source at a different interest rate. This is the only way. Otherwise YOU DO NOT OWN THAT TRUCK…meaning it is classified as STOLEN.
Yeah, you don't want to go there.

They will try to work with you so that you CAN purchase the truck because they WANT TO sell it to you. But if you have not been making payments…..yeah, TALK TO THEM not to US.

Based on what you told them about your life and credit they allowed you to take the truck assuming you would be financed. Now that the bank has looked at your credit rating they have found problems with it and won't finance you. But no, you don't have to bring it back IF you can pay the balance with cash or a loan you secure with a lender. If you can't do that return it.
You have to either return the truck or find your own financing that's not through the dealer. Go to your bank or a credit union. If neither will finance you, return the truck to the dealer.
some scumbag car dealers lie about your financing just to make a sale, then work at getting you the money. Sometimes the banks just won't agree, so you gotta bring the car or truck back.
Sounds strange. I'd go in there with an experienced friend or family member – go in their car – and find out what the hell is going on. Don't sign anything until you've read it thoroughly and maybe even have an attorney look over any new papers
Yeah, don't ignore them… they own the vehicle until the lender provides final approval. As your contract mentions, the deal isn't "final" until the lender signs off.

If they can't get you financed, take it back. No choice.

If you do try to play hardball and keep the vehicle, they can have it repo'd from you easily.

Re Vera:
This is fishy as hell, to be honest. They can't report the truck as stolen since you have a valid legal claim to it (assuming you didn't lie about anything). If they did, you could sue the sh*t out of them and even have them prosecuted for filing a false police report.
Woody B:
Said that they can't get me financed.. the contact says they have 30 days to get me financing.. it's been 6 weeks 45 days.. said they would report the truck stolen..
The financing did not go through. Unless you can make financing arrangements through your bank or credit union, you have no choice but to return the vehicle.
There is a car-dealer scam where they say the paperwork has to be redone, and you have to just come-in and sign the new stuff. Later-on you find-out that they raised the interest rate on the loan. So READ EVERYTHING BEFORE YOU SIGN IT…

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