Questions about driving a manual?

I have a question about driving a manual car in traffic. i live in an area where there are hills and those areas get really congested. My question is how to start from a stop in stop and go traffic on an incline.

Best Answer:

.: Millions of people drive manuals. it isn't "cheating" to use the hand brake when moving off on inclines. Going downhill is no problem at all. just take your foot off the brake and the car moves.

Other answer:

Those are the worst conditions for a manual. It takes a lot of skill to drive a manual under those conditions. It can be done but its not easy. It tends to be hard on the clutch also. Some people 'cheat' by using the hand / emergency brake.
The safest way to do is to use the hand brake to prevent you from rolling back.

However if you know your clutch's biting point like the back of your hand. You could just engage the clutch like you normally would without rolling backwards.

Skoda John:
Use the hand brake. Holding on the clutch burns it out. Clutches are expensive.
Love big words:
Uphill: 1st gear
Downhill: 2nd gear