Reccomendations for a powerful home bass?

I want something ridiculously powerful like a 800 watt car sub but in my room. Budget is 600. Another question is there a brand of home subs that make the bass slightly overbearing like car subs are?
MY nearest neigbhors are about half a mile away

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Josh Winter:
What I did for a similar situation was just use a plate amp, built a box to my design specs and used a high power 12. I run it generally around 1/4 volume for movies and it produces enough output to vibrate the living room floor.
At high volume for music my 100×2 mains struggle to keep up with the sub.

For your budget I'd recommend the Bash plate amps from parts-express. They have a 500s (500w at 4 ohms) or 300s (300 at 4).
If you want to go over the top you could do a pair of 300s's and a high power/output dual 4 ohm sub — Sundown SA-12d4 comes to mind).

That would be about $500 for parts.
The catch is you have to be able to build your own box.
Mine is huge — about 4 cubic feet tuned to the mid 20's (for movies).

Like what N2Audio said, you can neither do what he said or get a home theater sub that comes with the box, the sub and a built in plate amp. Look around parts-express. They have a lot of DIY's, (do it yourself).

If you do what N2 said, you'll have to be able to build your own box. It could be sealed or ported. It all depends on the sub you have. Some subs perform better in ported, some subs perform better in sealed. If ported, the box would have to be particularly large for a home audio application and tuned very low around the early 20's.

At that level, your neighbors or the others that live with you will get a lynch mob together and beat the crap out of you. I like bass, but this is overkill. Tone it down a bit and just enjoy the music and your hearing will thank you. The car ones you are talking about are mostly distortion. Not true bass.
don r:
Get a pair of these:…

It won't take 800 watts to shake everything off the table.

Mooned Y!A:
Maybe just buy a subwoofer. Sony makes good speakers.…