Riding difference between super sport motorcycle and scrambler, cruiser etc?

I'm wanting to buy a supersport mid cc bike and wanted to know difference of ride and capabilities between that and my scrambler. Like how supersports handle pot holes and crappy roads

Best Answer:

Donny: Pot holes and crappy roads – the biggest reason I won't ride a sport bike.

They recently re-paved my road… but I used to get air with my HD over the frost heaves.
Frost heaves in cold weather become cracked pavement and potholes in warm weather.
I miss my old scrambler.

Other answer:

You feel like you're lying down and aiming your vehicle at first vs sitting upright on a scrambler or cruiser.
Tim D:
If trail/enduro bikes take potholes the best, supersports bikes are at the other end of the spectrum, they have suspension that is designed for relatively smooth roads, a few potholes feels like sitting on a pneumatic hammer, of course the smooth bits in between the holes are where they shine.
Ian K:
Pot holes and crappy roads = lots of pain, even if you don't go down, you carry your weight on your arms and with the steering geometry, anything that you hit will have a big impact on the arms/wrists.

Think of it like doing pushups vs. sitting in a chair watching TV.

If you have to ask, don't get a "super sport".

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