Safest cheap car models?

I'm starting to shop for my first car, and my 1st priority is saftey, safety, safety, and did I mention saftey? What are some the absolute safest car models that a student like me would be able to afford?

Other answer:

Small cheap cars are never the safest models. If you're hit by a truck you want to be in something big and solid.
Dimo J:
Safety? You are safest when you are paranoid afraid of making any mistakes. You want to be safe? Ride as I ride, a motor scooter (Vespa) sans gloves/protection.

What most people want is not a safe car, but a car in which they can crash without care.

The only safe car is one that you don't think is safe. Thinking that a car is safe will cause you to drive in a way that makes any car unsafe. There is very little difference between cars in actual safety; the important thing is to get a car that makes you feel so unsafe that you drive very carefully, and that is what makes the car safe.
A thought shared.
Happy Gramps:
start by looking at the edmunds website – it has lots of info for almost any vehicle